USA Today names East Nashville one of best neighborhoods tourists haven’t found

Where to live in Nashville: East Nashville

A wall mural in 5 Points in East Nashville

East Nashville is among the 10 best neighborhoods to visit that tourists have not yet discovered, USA Today reports. They compiled the list of 10 neighborhoods for travelers who want to “live like a local” when visiting major metro areas throughout the U.S.

Check out their praises of this great Nashville neighborhood!

East Nashville: Great eats, vintage finds

East Nashville is a breath of fresh alternative air to the crowds of downtown and upscale shopping district Green Hills. East Nashville is where urban pioneers are headed now, and its abundance of quirky shops and excellent restaurants, along with a few nightlife venues, make it well worth investigating.

The 5 Points District – Woodland St. at N 11th St. – is ‘vintage central.’ Alegria, Moss, Hello Boys, and Goodbuy Girls (major cowboy boots alert!) will have you making tough decisions or blowing through wads of cash. If Music City has you dreaming up your own stage name, pop in to Fanny’s House of Music for vintage instruments and dressing room garb.

Foodies eat dessert first at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, where modern décor is as cool as the cones. Silly Goose (creative sandwiches), Wild Cow (vegetarian), Mas Tacos Por Favor and The Eastland Café are all worth consideration. Marché Artisan Foods and Lockeland Table (a James Beard Foundation nominee) are two of the reasons The New York Times says Nashville is giving Atlanta a run for ‘food capital of the south.’ Head upstairs at Marché to network at community tables.

Live music venues channel local talent, and East Nashville doesn’t disappoint. The 5 Spot keeps it going all week long, while 3 Crow Bar also offers darts, TV, trivia and a beer garden.

We love all that East Nashville has to offer! In fact, you can read more about things to do, restaurant reviews, homes for sale, and videos of East Nashville here.

Restaurant Review: Lockeland Table in East Nashville

Stephanie Lloyd, Marketing Director, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Stephanie Lloyd, Marketing Director, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

The Nashville food scene is ever-changing and we always have new restaurants that become the talk of the town in an instant – Lockeland Table in East Nashville is one of them.

Lockeland Table opened in August 2012 and has been the talk of the town ever since. I finally tried it last week with a friend visiting Nashville from Birmingham and we both loved it.

My first recommendation? Make a reservation. This restaurant is very quaint (aka small) so I can’t imagine the wait without reservations. When I called, they asked if we were willing to sit at the pizza bar as that is all that remained available for the evening. We said yes and had a great time watching them prepare many pizzas and other small dishes in the wood-burning oven.

Restaurant Review: Lockeland Table in East Nashville

Everything on the menu sounded great and we really had a hard time making a decision on what to order. We asked the waitress for her recommendations and she confirmed that the best-sellers included all of the dishes we were debating. :) In the end, we ordered the baked oyster appetizer (baked in the wood oven), then split a salad and two different types of pizza: The Pig and the Special.

Both pizzas were so good that we knew instantly there would not be any leftovers… The Pig featured sausage, pepperoni, pancetta, and ham – it was a meat lover’s delight. The Special pizza featured sausage and diced peaches and was absolutely amazing!

We enjoyed wine with our pizzas but many friends have recommended the cocktails from the bar at Lockeland Table. Another friend swears that their chocolate pot de creme is a magnificent dessert, but after polishing off both pizzas we were too full to even try it.

I would recommend Lockeland Table to anyone! It could be perfect for a date night, their large table with unique seats next to the bar could host a fun crowd, and the cozy/casual feel of the restaurant is warm and inviting!

Lockeland Table on Urbanspoon

The Wall Street Journal features a guide to Nashville

The Wall Street Journal features a guide to Nashville

Source: Wall Street Journal

With a hit TV show (and our city’s namesake) picked up for a full 22 episode season on ABC, Nashville is currently on the minds of many Americans. While our city is in vogue, it’s no surprise that national publications want to highlight the best things to do, eat, and see within the city limits.

Eleven years ago, chef Margot McCormack—who’d recently returned from cooking in New York—opened Margot Café in an old gas station in the down-and-out area of East Nashville, across the Cumberland River from the city’s downtown. Back then, a popular neighborhood bumper sticker declared “Over the River and Through the ‘Hood.” Today, business leaders, university professors and Tory Burch-clad students crowd her restaurant and its sister café, Marché Artisan Foods.

Margot McCormack
Chef and owner of Margot Café and Marché Artisan Foods recommends…

City House's grilled octopus on field pea salad. Photo credit: Caroline Allison for The Wall Street Journal

City House’s grilled octopus on field pea salad. Photo credit: Caroline Allison for The Wall Street Journal

The Other Southern Italian // City House. The chef there, Tandy Wilson, is an alumnus of my restaurant. His menu has Italian-style roots, but using Southern ingredients from local farms. He’s big on pork, getting whole hogs in and doing the curing himself. He’s also revolutionized what people think of as great pizza here. 1222 4th Ave. North,

Go-To Pho // Kien Giang. When I’m not working, I like to eat ethnic food. I go to Kien Giang for outstanding Vietnamese. I’m really fond of the bahn mi sandwich, and in the wintertime, I get the pho. 5845 Charlotte Pike, 615-353-1250

Style Spot // Billy Reid. Although he shows in New York fashion week, it’s real Southern-inspired, hipster classics, so I have to give them a shout-out. 4015 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 104,

Mexican Mojo // Baja Burrito. They’ve got the best, freshest burrito, taco salads and salsa verde. 722 Thompson Lane,

Smashing Tomatoes // Art & Invention Gallery. East Nashville has a lot of new galleries and antiques shops, but these guys hold our Tomato Art Fest every year in late summer, an art festival in celebration of the fruit. 1106 Woodland St.,

Check out the full guide to Nashville from The Wall Street Journal which includes additional recommendations from Lee Ann Womack, Manuel, and Eddie George.

East Nashville Rebounds From Tough Times

The year 1998 was a significant one for East Nashville, an area that comprises several small neighborhoods directly across the Cumberland River from the Tennessee capital’s downtown. The locale, which had already fallen on tough times, got even shoddier when a tornado ripped through the community, wreaking havoc on its infrastructure. Yet, in hindsight, the disaster also brought opportunity. After an influx of insurance money, creative types began flocking to the area thanks to cheap rents; young entrepreneurs followed, slowly transforming it into a hub for Nashville’s culturally savvy.

Nashville’s East Rebounds From Tough Times

The Art & Invention Gallery, opened in 2001 and pioneer of the area’s revival, sells everything from art by local painters to artisan-crafted jewelry to whimsical knickknacks. Every August, the gallery draws thousands to its adjacent streets for the Tomato Art Fest, its end-of-summer celebration. Photo Credit: Eric Been, The New York Times

Although East Nashville was also hit hard by the 2010 flood that inundated the city (though not as badly as downtown), its rebound has continued. Perhaps thanks to all these misfortunes, it has also developed a strong sense of solidarity. “I’ve lived all over the country,” said Roderick Bailey, the owner and chef of the Silly Goose restaurant, “and I’ve never experienced a community that’s more supportive of its neighborhood and businesses.”

Nashville’s East Rebounds From Tough Times

Photo Credit: Eric Been, The New York Times

No. 308
407 Gallatin Avenue
(615) 650-7344

This bar, which opened in December 2010, is already a favorite among East Nashville’s scenester set. Mixologists dole out shots and cocktails melded with house-made sodas and fresh juices, like the William Burroughs (a cola-infused vodka shot, $5), and the excellent Yardbird (bourbon, orange, lime, nutmeg and a whole egg, $9). Click here to read a No. 308 review from Sutton Lipman of The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty.

Nashville’s East Rebounds From Tough Times

Photo Credit: Eric Been, The New York Times

The Green Wagon
1100 Forrest Avenue
(615) 891-1878

In a renovated Craftsman-style home, this  general store sells only all-natural items, with an emphasis on locally produced goods, like  Peace of Love soap ($4.50). At the “refilling station” customers can replenish empty bottles with  cosmetic and cleaning products.

Nashville’s East Rebounds From Tough Times

Photo Credit: Eric Been, The New York Times

The Wild Cow
1896 Eastland Avenue
(615) 262-2717

This popular vegetarian restaurant, which opened in late 2009, proves that Nashville cuisine is more than just barbecue. Ask the friendly servers for the sweet potato and black bean tacos ($8.50), which pairs nicely with a bottle of Yazoo Sue ($4.50), a locally brewed beer.

Nashville’s East Rebounds From Tough Times

Photo Credit: Eric Been, The New York Times

The 5 Spot
1006 Forrest Avenue
(615) 650-9333

Rolling Stone recently named Nashville’s music scene the best in the country, and this live music venue is one reason. Local acts are the focus (with genres like indie rock and Americana favored over country pop), along with dive-bar drink prices and inexpensive cover charges.

Source: The New York Times. Written by Eric Been.

Restaurant Review: Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville

Kelli Corbin Hudson, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Kelli Corbin Hudson, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Okay Amigos, bust out your sombreros and head to East Nashville – it’s time for some Rosepepper Cantina!

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a date night with a little kick, Rosepepper offers fabulous Mexican cuisine, a fun environment and margaritas that can’t be beat between here and Punta Mita!   Along with your chips and yummy salsa, I highly recommend the buffalo white cheese dip to begin – WOW – think queso with a fabulous surprise.

I’m also quite a fan of their fajitas, whether you go marinated beef or chicken (or BOTH!), you won’t be disappointed.  The Rosepepper Special is also a popular choice, which is shredded marinated beef or wonderfully seasoned chicken, served enchilada style and they are YUM–O!

SO, bring the family, bring the office, or hey, fly solo and head to Eastland Avenue where you’ll be right in the heart of Mexico. I mean, um, East Nashville – OLE!

Reviewed by:

Kelli Corbin Hudson
mobile:    615.830.7778
office:      615.463.3333

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